It’s Been Fun . . . Sometimes

It’s Been Fun . . . Sometimes


8,231 people have viewed JUG since April of last year. The numbers are off, probably in part because my performance is off. JUG is lagging at least partly because I’m not being punctual in posting each week. Looking at 2013, there were 35,763 viewers.

And why is that?

Well, once upon a time I believed Jordan was a good place to live, and that it could be even better with some thought and effort. It was my conceit that I could help Jordan be even better than it is.

Maybe being irreverent is irrelevant now, hmmm?

I still believe Jordan is a good place to live. But time has taught me two lessons:
First, one can’t save people from themselves.
And second, most people in Jordan don’t want to acknowledge that the town might have shortcomings.

Last week I watched friends box up their business. And I heard them talk about how they felt they never had the support of either the City or the Chamber of Commerce. I’ve heard that story before. More than once.

I’ve watched friends leave, and I’ve heard friends say they would leave if they didn’t owe so much money on their homes. Meanwhile, I’ve seen a few downtown property owners let their properties turn into urban blight while the City Council either lacks the means or the balls to make them clean up.

Food trucks are not (in my opinion) the answer to a better Jordan. And whatever happens to the 169/282/9 intersection won’t affect me one whit – other than it’ll increase my taxes, I suppose. Jordan’s debt load is projected to increase 25.88% from 2017 to 2021 because of the new sewer interceptor alone.

Any other debt would be on top of that – think fire engine ($750,000.00 ?) or mega-buck recreation center with swimming pool ($20-30 million ?).

Jordan’s population increased a little over 12% in the past six years. Jordan would have to grow to population 7,685 to experience 25% growth by 2021. That’s about 440 new households between now and 2021, or 110 new households per year. (Projection based on 2016 population of 6,148 increasing by 25% to 2021 population of 7,685. The increase of 1,537 is divided by 3.5 persons per household.)

Personally, I don’t think any of this can realistically happen, but that’s just my (considered) opinion based on Jordan’s history. To deliver that kind of population increase, Jordan will have to sell three times more homes per year, for four years than are being sold now.

Or Jordan could become the belly bumper capital of America, I suppose.

So here we are, wrapping up.. I thank regular readers of JUG, which will remain online for now, but I advise you that I very likely will not post updates often. I might post an occasional reprint of an old JUG topic, or a new story in the Stories section. To those of you who have turned to me for answers about City questions, I say ask your City Council, Mayor, or City Staff. Those of you who have asked me to serve as a go-between will have to either decide to work up your own courage, or find another messenger.

And those of you in City Hall should be aware that the reason people outside your friends network ask me questions is because they either don’t like you, or more important, they don’t trust you.

Good night, and God bless.

A Reader Comments
WOW! Thommy I never thought I would read that. Shutting her down! Makes me sad! There are so many of us who have given up trying to change and keep safe this little community but I never thought you would be one who would quit being vocal. Of course, I never thought I would either, but I reached the point where I just don’t care any longer. I want to thank you for allowing me to rant and vent on your site. It accomplished nothing but made me feel better, at least, for trying.

As far as the dilapidated buildings downtown. Why would any building owner put thousands of dollars into their building to have a city approved beer patio put right under their bedroom window? This to a building which has probably had the most money invested in it than any other downtown building. That is how much the city cares about their downtown property owners. Not a whit! Jordan probably has more downtown property owners who live in their buildings than many other small towns yet they could care less. I always thought that that was a plus for a city. Obviously not! Pollute them out! Perfect example of why not to invest!

Food trucks downtown. Again no thought for the other food business’s downtown. Both of them new! Welcome to Jordan! But if the existing food establishments don’t care why should you or I??

The new film clip on Jordan is very well done and appropriately the local born and raised are highlighted in it. Appropriately because that is the main group that is represented by government in this community. Cute family! You gave Tom Nikunen and a council member (Mike Franklin) credit for the film clip. I would give Mike Franklin most of the credit because Nikunen has been here for years and has done nothing before this, so basing my thoughts on that, Mike Franklin should probably get most of the credit.

As far as not liking or trusting city hall both are appropriate.   Who leads who?? One and only thing you can trust is they will spend your money!

Thanks again Thom, for all of your many efforts and fact findings, it has all been appreciated by those of us who have cared too much. And not just about ourselves but the whole community. Your JordanUnderGround will be missed!

The only town I have lived in where I am proud to be disliked by several of the citizens. LOL!

Margaret Fink

My Response
Thank you Margaret for you kind words and frequent contributions. I haven’t stopped caring. I’m just not going to waste my time any more. I’m sure some – perhaps all – of the City Council and Staff will be happy to see the end of JUG. Now they can ignore the gravel mine and the ever escalating debt.

On the matter of the city’s video, I’m perfectly willing to give others credit for finally making an effort to promote Jordan beyond a couple of billboards. But as I said last week, no ads or videos happened until after April 4, 2016, when I stood before the Jordan City Council, and proposed a marketing and advertising campaign to promote home building in Jordan.

Anyone else who wants to comment better get it in soon.

A Reader Comments
To: Thom Boncher-Editor
Jordan UnderGround

RE: Too Valuable To Quit, Letter to the Editor-JUG

Right now the enemies of Trump continue to escalate their fake media blitz against him in their hope to just get him to cave, give-up and go home.

Have you ever asked YOU, yourself what your purpose is in this lifetime? Think about it, you have been living your purpose in this lifetime.   Look at what you write. People come to YOU with their questions and concerns and not to the popular vote getters whose real agenda is to continue to inflate their own egos to continue to be popular.

Cave, give-up and go home is just what the enemies of clean air, clean water and excessive local government spending want.

Before you came to this lifetime you signed up and quitting isn’t part of the deal, at least … not yet. You are still too valuable to quit.

Submitted by,
Richard Thom

My Response
Richard, nobody is irreplaceable, including me – maybe especially me.

I’m sure most people in city and county government will be pleased to see me backing away. And the ones who aren’t merely pleased will be absolutely ecstatic. I’ve been doing JUG pretty consistently since November 11, 2008, and I’m worn out. I’m tired of being active and vocal for people who are too lazy, too timid, or too scared to use their own voices.

Thanks for your encouragement, though. I appreciate it.

A Reader Writes
“There once was a pundit named Thom,

who searched for a level of calm,
so he started a thread, but soon it was dead,
for his readers got smart and got gone … thanks Thom!”

S’long Song to Mr. T,

Much akin to a lighthouse operator during a storm, you have shown the perils of the shoal, and labored your best to warn of ignorance to it. Undaunted by innuendo targeted at your genes, aural prowess, Macon mullet and rebellious circus like demeanor, you forged forward, replacing short sightedness with clear vision, inanity with logic, smiling the smile of a leathered cowboy, sage of the plains. From government gravitas to gravel pits, phosphorus to phire trucks, roundabouts to, uh … roundabouts, your gaze stayed up, while others hit the ground. For this and all of your durability, determination, diligence and desire, we commend you.

Our purpose in life I believe is to leave this world a better place in which we found it, and a few of you Thom, possibly, without knowing, may have served that purpose in planting the seeds of good change through rebellion against the bad. Born from the loins of the industrial and electronic revolutions, hooked on the near immediate sating of our Amazonian desires, our realization of those changes may not necessarily take place in our lifetimes, the satisfaction of those efforts alluding our sense of accomplishment. Yet the attempt, your attempt, to instigate those revisions for good, can only be followed by our belief that someday it will make a difference, and so should feel confident in having done what we should have. With regard to those who would creep under the guise of running, create log jams and jam logs, forgive them for they know not what they do. Sometimes the ship just crashes on the shoal. Where will you be? Writing a blog?

So as I sit in my office not but nine feet from the best idea ever brew pub, entertained by a squealing three year old toddler leaping from picnic bench to picnic bench, knocking over beer mugs while daddy crouches in the corner with a stein and a Camel under the no smoking sign, I muse. The average job life span of an air controller is approximately eight years due to the stress related with pushing tin. This anomaly relates to many other employment descriptions, as over this short period of time your focus and demeanor can abruptly change from cool to confused, making you as dangerous as a domesticated chimpanzee who freaks out and eats your face. (That happens at about eight years old too, I do believe).

So the question is my man, how long have you been doing this? If the answer is about eight years, we thank you for your service, but believe at this point you’re just plain dangerous.

Rob and Mara

(c’mon, fess up, you know you’ll miss these.)

My Response
There once was a creaky old pundit
Steady and long he dundit
Sending prose all crusty
From a basement all musty
He’d prattle and natter
Like a certain Mad Hatter
His readers, some spewed
At the foment they viewed
Whilst they hoped for his head on a platter.

Yeah, Rob and Mara, I’ll miss it some, but it’s time. Thanks for your kind words.

The Quote:
“The trick is to stand close enough to the flame to be in the light, but far enough away to not get burned.”

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