All The Fits That’s News To Print

All The Fits That’s News To Print


Weak Aunts
On April 4, 2016 I stood before the Jordan City Council, and proposed a marketing and advertising campaign to promote home building in Jordan. The response was predictable.

The ‘Weak Aunts’ listed all the reasons why my proposal wouldn’t work. ‘We can’t this, and we can’t that.’

The closest thing to support my idea got was from one Council Member who said he didn’t instantly hate it. He ultimately asked for the EDA to look at my proposal. The EDA, seeing the proposal came from me, did instantly hate it, and pretty much said so.

Fast forward to the Council meeting on March 6, 2017 at which City Administrator Nikunen presented the results of placing a video online. And I must say, the results are stunning – so stunning, in fact, that I’m amazed the Jordan Independent didn’t report them until two weeks later. You can find the story in today’s print JI, or online, but since the JI has a pay per view policy for online articles, I won’t print the link.

The story compliments a City Council Member and the City Administrator for the great idea, and the great effort.

I suppose it would be silly of me to expect any recognition for getting the ball rolling . . .

According to the minutes of the March 6th Council meeting the video has been viewed 43,850 times (over seven times for every resident of Jordan). The number of views is stunning. It went online on FaceBook on March 1st. The City Administrator advised me that the City has fielded two residential and two commercial building enquiries that referenced the video.

I’m in awe.

A good conversion rate for ads is .5% – one half of one percent. That would work out to over 219 new homes in Jordan if nobody else looks at the video for the rest of the year. Project the numbers across a full year (and we’re just coming into the building season) and you get 876 new homes in a year! Now multiply that number by 3.5 (the average number of occupants per home) and you get a stunning 3,066 new Jordanites by this time next year!

Maybe we’ll need that sewer interceptor after all.

The City Administrator reports that since the first of the year Jordan has issued three new home permits, and has two more pending.

Before I move on from this bit of rant, I want to say ‘Thank You’ to the City Administrator who willingly provides information to me. His predecessor would have asked why I was asking questions, would have tried to stonewall me, and would have gotten defensive when I invoked public information laws.

Round and Round We Go
Had to bite my tongue at the Council meeting on Monday, to keep from laughing out loud. The City Engineer presented the CR9/190th St. traffic study – again. There was a little more depth to it this time, including the possibility of putting a roundabout (as always, the most expensive option) at the intersection of CR9/190th St./Valley View Drive. My first thought was ‘Oh boy, Council Member Will is going to love that. The first thing his truck drivers see each morning is a roundabout.’ My second thought was, ‘Hey, maybe that’s not such a bad idea! Think how unhappy the gravel truck drivers would be too.’

I also noted that the City Engineer seems to think there’s a ‘traffic signal’ at CSAH 9 and Syndicate. What’s actually there is a ‘thru-stop’ intersection.

I suppose if I looked deeper into the plan, I’d find other things, but I’ll leave that up to my City Council and staff. I know they’re all studying everything in great detail, and keeping a close eye on our tax dollars.

2 + 2 + 4,500,000
The Shakopee School Board learned in December of last year that the School District financial nabobs had made a 4.5 million dollar mistake. Amazingly, they didn’t say boo about it until this month, when a story appeared in the Star/Tribune. Only now are the local papers jumping on the news bandwagon.

The Shako School District’s response is to lay off teachers (rumored to be twelve, so far I think), and (drum rolllllllll) hire a consultant to help them balance their finances.

My Thoughts
The Shakopee School Board are idiots.

The Shakopee School Board Member who said people were making a big deal out of the errors, and the Board could do the banking is a special kind of stupid.

All persons responsible for the $4.5 million error should be fired, and possibly subject to legal action for criminal negligence.

The Shakopee School District has teachers who teach bookkeeping, economics, math, and computer science. One would think that the teachers would be able to handle the books. One would think the teachers would have a vested interest in keeping their jobs, and hence would be willing to do for free the work the School District is farming out to a consultant.

I’m sure the Jordan School District is much better run.

What puzzles me is why local media (SouthWest News Media) didn’t jump on the story months ago. It would seem old news and happy news are all SouthWest News Media chooses to print.

The Quote:
“To err is human. To blame someone else is politics.”
           Hubert H. Humphrey


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