Half A JUG of Stuff

Half A JUG Of Stuff


Ding Dong
Went to a Planning Commission meeting yesterday night. I’ve been kind of backing away from these things lately, but I was really curious about how the new Taco Bell would affect the proposed hotel.

Oh, you didn’t know about the new Taco Bell?

Well, Holiday and Border Foods (a Taco Bell franchisee) received the Planning Commission’s unreserved approval to go to the City Council for permits and whatnot to build a Taco Bell on the vacant lot between McDonald’s and Clancy’s.

There was very little discussion, including none at all about traffic impacts from all the cars Council Member Will said would be drawn from 169. He talked about people going to college, or commuting to work, or whatnot, and complimented Holiday and Border Foods for bringing new business to town.

I don’t think there’s anyone on the Planning Commission who was involved when a certain dentist wanted to build an office nearby, and the plans for that office were described by some as looking like a Taco Bell. Now we’ve seen plans for a Taco Bell, and they are pretty much generic. The building could easily be a dentist’s office (except for the drive-up window).

I like Taco Bell. I applaud Holiday and Border Foods for their efforts. It looks like they’ll be up and running well before any hotel gets built. I seriously doubt the City Council will have any reservations about a new fast-food restaurant in town.

Those of you who are looking for growth are seeing it.

I’ll have a beef burrito, medium diet Dr Pepper, and cinnamon twists.

Planning For Traffic on 190th Street
Study the map carefully. Look at what your City Staff (and by extension, your City Council) plans for the area around the 282/169/9 intersection.

(Not my smoothest segue, but what the heck, I try.)

You may see things I don’t. Feel free to send me a comment. Here’s what I see.

Optimism. Nothing wrong with optimism. Bass Pro Shops? Well, I’ve heard that Gander Mountain is winding down. Trends always start at the outside edges. The trend to outdoor sports? Well, we’ll see how many kids grow into fishing, hunting, off-road biking and kayaking. Personally, I hope it’s a lot of kids because I think the trend to computer gaming is bad for humanity.

Cost. Sports Complex? We’re going to do it on our own? And who will be asked to pay for all this? Probably not me.

Seriously? Moving the fairgrounds? Okay, that could happen, but wouldn’t it make more sense (from the County’s standpoint) to move the fairgrounds closer to the population center? Think about those big empty fields near the 41/169 interchange. Or maybe somewhere between Prior Lake, and Shakopee. Or near Valley Fair.

Just sayin’.

Snub. Looks like the City is pretty much telling Andy Pearson his property is worthless. I could be misreading this, but it sure looks to me like a few parcels west of 190th Street didn’t rate much consideration. You listenin’, Council Member Will?

Annexation? Not everyone who owns property along 190th Street want his or her property to be annexed into the City. I sense come bad blood coming there. It’s possible there could be some exclusion zones, as with the Wolf property near CR66.

And, of course, the intersection. If MnDOT does what MnDOT typically does, Jordan’s plans will be useless. In fact, if you look at the City’s own conceptualization for the area, you’ll see no access at 282/169/9. Now, this could be just an oversight, or I suppose it could just be Staff’s way of showing they can’t control how the intersection will develop. I doubt that after years of discussion and planning, the staff would overlook the intersection question, which pretty much leads me to think Staff is saying the thing about being unable to control how the intersection develops.

Anyway, look at the map, and decide for yourself if it is a true indicator of how Jordan will develop, or if it’s merely another pipe dream.

The draft Jordan 2040 plan indicates (among other things), that there will be 0 acres of manufactured housing in Jordan.

The draft 2040 plan shows huge amounts of annexation from townships. Generally the annexation is cherry picking – taking desirable properties into town, while leaving townships with the less desirable (and usually less lucrative) properties. It looks to me like Jordan projects annexing properties west of Valley View Drive, but not east. Guess where the gravel mine is.

The Wow Factor
The February 10th STRIB contained a story (a follow-up, actually) about the Newport, MN police department. I culled a few little facts from that story.

Among them, Newport is a city of 3,550 people. And, The NPD property room contained sexual-assault test results that were contaminated and lacked tracking for property relating to 1,138 cases. That’s one sexual assault for roughly every three people in town.

Can you imagine the Newport Chamber of Commerce trying to promote the town? ‘Get more bang for your buck in Newport.’ ‘Newport – where the action is!’

I imagine there are some really disgusted homeowners in Newport, who would sell if they could. Jordan’s not perfect (no city is), but I’ll stack JPD against any.

The link to the STRIB story is here.

And From the Sand Creek Township Meeting
Last week at the close of the SCT meeting, one of the Town Board Members said he’d been to the joint meeting with the Jordan Fire Department. He said that JVFD had originally been proposing to buy a new fire engine that would cost over three quarters of a million dollars. But, he said, they’d changed their proposal to a much smaller engine, which would be able to reach into tighter places. The smaller engine is projected to cost half of what the bigger engine would’ve cost.

The SCT Board Member said he thought the new Fire Chief was likely to bring a more fiscally-responsible attitude to the fire department.

The Quote:
“I’m spending a year dead for tax reasons.”
           Douglas Adams

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