Unbelievably Believable

Unbelievably Believable


Two little items from last week’s STRIB.

Putin, Trump and . . .
Prostitutes? On Wednesday, January 18th the STRIB published a story under the heading of ‘Putin weighs in on Trump Dossier’. The story seems to have been wiped from the STRIB’s web site. I can’t find a link to post, but I have a hard copy of the paper, so I know the story made it to ink. It was written by Vladimir Isachenkov, and circulated by The Associated Press.

In essence the story details President Vladimir Putin’s response to the dossier containing unsubstantiated allegations that the Russians had dirt on Donald Trump. The dirt apparently was of a sexual nature. Putin called it nonsense, and fake news (something he seemingly would be very knowledgeable about).

I read the story, and I must say, it sure looks like Mr. Isachenkov had fun with this one.

Towards the end of the story there was a quote from Putin, that goes like this:
“Putin also sarcastically suggested that Trump, who met the world’s most beautiful women at the pageant, had a better choice for female companionship than Moscow prostitutes, even though Putin claimed ‘they are also the best in the world.’ ”

One might speculate on how Putin became an expert on international prostitution.

Don’t these guys know when to keep their yaps shut?

State Waters
In that same STRIB I also found the following:
$500M deal will protect state waters
I’m going to post two quotes, in which I’ve accented a couple of high spots.

“The program encourages three conservation practices: planting buffer strips of native plants between farmland and bodies of water, restoring wetlands and planting land above municipal drinking wells to keep groundwater clean.


“Land will be selected based on an environmental benefit score, with landowners earning points based on the number of feet along a body of water, for instance, or the percent of land in a vulnerable wellhead protection zone.”

Now go look at the graphic provided with the article. You’ll notice most of Scott County is included in the so-called Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) program. You will note there are three ‘drinking water supply management areas.’ Two appear to apply to Shakopee. One appears to apply to Prior Lake. Sorry Jordan, you don’t qualify as having vulnerable wellheads. Acting locally seems to mean ignoring exposing groundwater to floodwater where the greatest potential exposure is possible. Jordanites, your state and federal tax dollars are going to be spent to protect some other city’s water supply. Of course, the Jordan City Government is aware of this, and is doing everything in its power to protect you and your water supply.

I don’t know about you, but to me it sometimes seems state and federal government suffers from acute multiple personality disorder. Or maybe it’s some form of an incommunicable disease that causes agencies to go deaf and mute to what other agencies are doing?

The link for that story is here:

Thinking . . .
can be dangerous.

Last week I wrote a little bit about holidays, and that got me to thinking. What are the biggest commercial holidays in America? Christmas, Easter, St. Valentine’s Day, Halloween (All Hallowed Evening), St. Patrick’s Day, Fourth of July, and New Years Eve.

Five out of seven of those holidays spin out of Christian (dare I say Catholic?) holy days.

Which tells us what?

Well, let’s start with the idea that Christianity is the most prominent ethic in America. And if people of other ethics aren’t willing to accept that, they should not come here.

But wait! There’s more!

Religions outside the mainstream have (as far as I can tell) always been tolerated here. Think Scientology, Baha’i, Wicca, Hare Krishna, Judaism, Atheism, Hindu, and yes, Islam. Sometimes the tolerance has been imperfect in some places, but across the wide spectrum of people and places, religious tolerance prevails. In fact, tolerance has reached so deeply into our culture that St. Partrick’s Day, an event based on an Irish Christian holy day, is now celebrated by parades that often feature elements directly at odds with Catholic teachings. Think GLTB and same sex marriage displays, for example.

Now think one more thought. Which of all those religions, straps bombs on its members and sends them out to kill themselves and others? Islam has a long way to go before it earns a place of respect in America. And I truly feel sorry for the peaceable and tolerant majority of Islamic people who must labor every day to counter the insane minority that so dominates their religion.

One last thought. If the Pope asked me to strap on a bomb, and go blow up a market full of assorted non-Catholics, I’d tell him to go to hell.

The Quote:
“There is no religion that was founded on intolerance – and no religion that does not value the sanctity of human life.”
           Mohamed ElBaradei, Egyptian Scientist

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