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Is That Your Spidey Sense Tingling, Or Is It Just Siri Telling You Your Lymph Nodes Are Warm? 09/15/14

Richard Thom sent me a note that reads:
“What you don't know about manmade Microwave transmissions can hurt you. This is a response to adding T-Mobile Transmitters to the cities Broadway Water Tower.

For the most part, because most people can't feel exposure to manmade Microwave transmissions they innocently believe there is no harm.

Demonstrations using dark field microscopy with live human blood cells 

show that whether or not you can feel the Microwave transmissions their effect on live blood cells is the same.

Where the live bloods cells were moving around freely before Microwave exposure, after exposure they clump together in a ball.

Continuous exposures are showing early onset Alzheimer disease, which seems to be going epidemic.

In addition, manmade Microwave transmissions are facilitators that allow heavy metals like Mercury to penetrate the blood brain barrier.

The City of Jordan should not allow nor contact with any Cell Phone providers to install any transmitters within the city limits of Jordan. Those already installed need to be removed and contracts cancelled.

One further point, below every cell tower and the City of Jordan's water towers are large rectangle boxes that have thick wires leading to the top of the tower. These big boxes are inverters.

They convert the electricity. That "converted" electricity can NOT be sent back to the substation. So, what do the tenants on the City water towers do with their "converted" electricity? They send it to ground.  This "converted" electricity sent to ground can cause unhealthy effects for anyone living within 500 meters (1640.4199 feet) of the tower.

Finally, there have been several recent lawsuits in Minnesota by farmers that proved harmful effects from stray voltage. In case you're wondering, it does not just effect cows.

So, you don't know anything about this... Why isn't the City of Jordan telling you? Oh, its money again isn't it. Payola the City of Jordan receives from their wealthy tenants!”

My Response
At our last Council meeting, just two weeks after being told we were reducing the number of transmitters on our towers, we got another request to add more antennae.  When I asked if there was any data about microwave emissions from those antennae, I received a one word reply – No”.

Unless, and until I can see some hard data about microwave transmitters, I will not vote for them again.  I offer you the following link: http://weeksmd.com/2011/01/wifi-is-killing-us-slowly-and-our-birds-too/
The information at the Weeksmd site is about four years old.  You are free to speculate whether the problems with microwaves have grown better or worse as cell phones and transmitters have grown more powerful and pervasive. 

Here are two excerpts from the article
“I have heard over and over again that the levels of [EMR] exposure are low,” Dr. Johansson told the Committee. “In the room you’re sitting in right now, just from the third generation [3G] mobile telephony…you are sitting in levels that are approximately one million billion times above natural background [radiation]. There you have your question mark: are we really built for a microwave life at such extreme levels?” 4G mobile telephony is set to be released in Canada within months.”
The co-editor of The BioInitiative Report recently told Harper’s Magazine (May 2010), “If EMFs function both as a carcinogen and a neurotoxin, then it’s not just brain tumours and brain cancers” that could result, “it’s also testicular cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, lymphoma, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and a range of cognitive and behavioural problems.”

Hey cowboy, did you get the part about testicles?  Your Stetson isn’t the only thing you should line with aluminum foil.  Of course, your BVDs might make a funny noise when you sit down, but hey, that’s better than toasted nuts, right?

The Quote
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City Council Meeting, Monday, October 20th, 6:30 PM, at Jordan City Hall

Chamber of Commerce Council Candidate Forum, Wednesday, October 29th, 7:00 PM, Jordan Senior High School

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