Earlier this month I participated in a meeting of a group called Catholic Watchmen. The group meets once a month to discuss and promote Catholic (and by extension Christian) values. Each meeting features a video with a guest speaker. Topics and speakers vary. This month’s speaker was Fr. John Echert – who is a lieutenant colonel in the Air Force Reserve.

Fr. Echert has done frequent tours overseas, in combat EchertDesert2zones and in military hospitals. He knows whereof he speaks. He walks the walk. I don’t agree with everything he says, but by and large I admire him.

In this particular video he spoke about (among other things) the men and women in service, and how he admired their willingness to give so much for their colleagues, their families, and their country. Fr. Echert said one thing in particular that caught my ear. I hope I got his message right. If any Catholic Watchmen want to correct or elaborate on my take, I welcome their input.

Here’s what he said about duty: ‘. . . it comes from God, and it doesn’t stop.’

Think about it.

Comes from God . . . you don’t choose it. You choose whether to act on it, and to what extent you will act. No mystical voice talking to you while you walk in the woods – well, not for most of us, I guess. Duty is just there.

Doesn’t stop . . . you might choose to put it down, but that doesn’t mean the duty disappears. Maybe someone else will pick it up. Maybe someone will see you struggling with your duty, and will help you along the way. Maybe you will do your best for your entire life, and not see any visible effects from your effort to do your duty.

But remember . . . comes from God. God will know.

No Neat Segue
Just got an email that the Scott Soil & Water Conservation District received a request for a permit to replace wetland on the mining site of the proposed gravel mine.

The proposer is filing this Notice of Application (NOA) in his own name. Is it just me, or does it look like someone is trying to confuse us about who is responsible for what?

The proposed wetland replacement appears to be in the area that was previously designated for anti-iceberg pylons and berms. A wetland, by definition, embraces flooding. It surely doesn’t exclude flooding. This is all very confusing to me. Looks like the proposer has brought in another environmental services company, too.

We shouldn’t worry about it though. The County Board is on top of all these twists and turns. They won’t let anything bad happen to our ground water – ever.

The Quote:
‘We never fail when we try to do our duty. We always fail when we neglect to do it.’
           Robert Baden-Powell


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