Does Donald Trump have the brains to be entrusted with state secrets?

Think about it. Here’s a guy who can’t remember why Trump Blabbermouthhe got a draft deferment, yet he brags about his sexual conquests, and about how women like Kim Basinger tried to score with him. Do you seriously think he’ll be able to contain himself when he finds out what’s really going on at Area 51?

At his first Department of Defense briefing, the collected admirals and generals are going to caution him that what’s being conveyed in the briefing is sensitive, and extremely confidential. The Don will puff out his lips, and say he understands completely. Twenty minutes after the briefing, The Don will be on the phone to Putin: ‘Vladie, I’m here to tell you, we have planes that can fly higher and faster than any of your cheap Russkie missiles. We’ve got satellites that can see details your barber would miss. You really want to have a good doctor look at that mole on your butt. How about we set up a visit to the Mayo Clinic? Actually, if that doesn’t work for your schedule, we can probably have one of our laser satellites burn that sucker right off. It’ll only take a couple of seconds, and a tough guy like you won’t feel a thing.’

Might the spilling of America’s guts actually be a good thing? Are we ready for complete openness – which is not necessarily the same as complete honesty? Maybe if we earthlings found out there was life elsewhere in the universe, we’d start looking for earthly commonalities instead of dwelling on our differences. Of course, it’s also possible that if we knew the whole story behind Area 51, vulnerabilities to various types of attacks, and what’s actually in hot dogs, we might be scared spitless. I’ll tell you what – if The Don gets elected, keep an eye out for whether his friends buy, or sell.

(An aside; visualize, if you will, Donald Trump meeting an alien – not the terrestrial kind – for the first time. Is he gonna threaten to build a wall around Earth? Will he turn to mush when he realizes he’s not the most important sentient life form in the room? Don’t you just love the visual image of The Don trying to bluster ET?)

Will the people he appoints be loyal to America, loyal to Trump, or so afraid of being fired that they’ll do whatever The Don says. In my opinion, no one who has a functioning moral compass gets close to Donald Trump. It seems to me people who get close to him are drawn by greed, anger, and maybe lust (if you believe what he says). Now, I’m not talking about the engineer who tends the boilers in Trump Tower. I think in most companies, an employee has to rise above middle management before the profit/power motive starts to erode decency. I simply don’t see The Don appointing advisors who will say ‘no’ to him.

The sad thing about all this is, we aren’t seeing any good alternatives. My vote in November will probably be futile, but it won’t be for Trump, Clinton, or Sanders.

One last thought. The radical islamists have a knack for throwing coals under a simmering pot. One more attack on America, and Trump will win in a landslide.

A Reader Responds
Hi Thom

RE: You can print the following as a response in the JUG

On Trump, you overlooked the fact that all of his buildings are still standing and are profitable.

Someone with the shallow, external-persona the Trump bashers propagandize could not accomplish that.

That fact alone, I think the Trump bashers need to real-it in.

Oh, did I mention it appears Trump has the support of the military. They for sure don’t make stupid endorsements.


My Reply
Really? The Foshay Tower is still standing. So is the Leaning Tower of Pisa. So is the old St. John’s School. If you want to give Trump credit for pulling together investors to build buildings, that’s reasonable. If you want to give him credit for hiring good architects and engineers, that’s reasonable too. And he most certainly has a high level of deal-making skill.

But he also is the man who wants to build a wall to keep people out of the country – an expensive and futile effort, in all likelihood. He is the man who wants to turn away from our allies, and go back on our promises of support.

Trump bashers don’t have to propagandize anything about Trump’s persona. He’s doing a fine job of that all by himself.

What is Donald Trump’s stance on foreign affairs? Isolation, as near as I can tell.

Does anyone think Trump cares about global climate change, chemtrails, or WHO’s findings on anything?

Oh, and did I mention, it was the military that gave us Agent Orange.

The sad part is, the other two ‘mainstream’ candidates aren’t much better. Richard, I would expect you to be more aligned with Jill Stein, Green Party candidate. Check her web site here:

A Reader Responds
My two cents worth:

What a wonderful time to be voting for a president!  You can’t hear it, but there is loads of sarcasm dripping from my voice.

I also do not like either of our candidate choices.  BUT I think perhaps Trump is not who he appears.  His talk of a wall between US and Mexico may be a ploy to garner votes from people who don’t want illegals in our country – of whom there are many.  I think he might have been saying outrageous things to draw attention to himself.  He has been successful there.  Perhaps now he will talk realistically.  Or maybe not.  

Many of the things you say about Trump may be true, but you could match every one of those with negative things about Hillary.

(An aside: Have you noticed most often they are referred to as Hillary and Trump – not Hillary and Donald, though sometimes you see Clinton and Trump, but I digress.)

We constantly complain about how long the election process is, yet we ourselves add to it by talking about it a year in advance of the election.  I personally don’t decide who I am going to vote for until a week or maybe days before the election.

I have voted every presidential election but have never voted for the candidate that got elected, so what do I know.

Kathy Lapic

My Reply
NONE of the mainstream candidates are what they appear. That’s a big part of the problem. What you see is NOT what you get. But how are we supposed to judge candidates? We can’t look into their hearts or minds. We have only their words and deeds upon which to make a judgment. On the basis of their words and deeds, I won’t vote for The Don, Billary, or that socialist guy. Like Kathy, I’ve never voted for the winning presidential candidate. That goes back to Humphrey in ’68. More than once, I’ve written in the name of a person I felt would make a better president than any of the affiliated candidates. Some people may say my votes have been wasted. Maybe that’s true, but I don’t regret any of them, and I never voted for one candidate because I wanted to keep another candidate from winning.

At least I wasn’t one of the sheep who voted for Tricky Dicky in ’72. Nixon won his second term by the widest margin of any U.S. presidential election.

Maybe The Don will win. We’ll see. He won’t get my vote. And don’t tell me he just needs to be given a chance. We’re not talking about driving the Zamboni, or playing a couple of innings at second base. When the president screws up, people die.

The Quote:
“Thunder is good, thunder is impressive; but it is lightning that does the work.”
           Mark Twain

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