Living In Paradise

Living In Paradise


Beauty died in Jordan on Sunday.
It happened about 6:30 in the afternoon, on Syndicate Street. She was 17 years old, part Pomeranian, part Poodle. She was licking her paw just off the curb in front of her home, less than a foot from the curb.

Someone drove two wheels of an SUV into a driveway, followed the curb and crushed her skull.

It seems likely the person who killed Beauty had just cleaned his or her vehicle at the self-service car wash. He or she may be the person who left a sizable mess of litter there (in spite of all the litter barrels everywhere).

Was it you? If it was, I hope this story finds its way to you. What I write now is intended for that person.

You are a jerk – beyond a jerk, actually. Fiend? It would seem your parents raised you to be a jerk, so that makes them jerks too. If you’re Catholic, get your jerk butt to Confession. God will forgive you. But my friend, who raised Beauty from a pup won’t. I’m not sure if I can either. I offered to help pay for another dog to . . . well, those of you who own dogs know that it’s impossible to replace one. For my friend, Beauty was the perfect pet. And you, jerk that you are, went out of your way to kill her.

Some readers who have asked for a kinder, gentler JUG may be offended by that last paragraph.

I don’t care.

If you want only beautiful things in your life, and you’re willing to look away from the ugly, then by all means, turn your head. My friend had Beauty in his life, and someone deliberately took her away from him. The toll between Sunday and Monday, in the same neighborhood – one dead and partially skinned cat, and another dead dog.

Beauty is dead, and she took with her another sizable chunk of my faith in people.

East Bethel is a city in Anoka County. Its population was 11,626 at the 2010 census.
Elko New Market is a city in Scott County. Its population was 4,110 at the 2010 census.

What do they have in common? Waste water treatment cost blues.

According to a story in the Monday STRIB: “An idea by the Metropolitan Council 15 years ago to rein in sprawl by offering wastewater service to rural mini-cities hasn’t panned out. It spent upward of $40 million building the sewer pipe for Elko New Market and a wastewater plant in East Bethel that the communities now can’t afford.” 

The story goes on to talk about the whys and wherefores of the problem, but the gist is this. Both East Bethel and Elko New Market built expensive infrastructure based on growth projections that never materialized. And now both places are asking the Metropolitan Council to bail them out.

The STRIB article says “The Met Council forecast in 2004 that Elko New Market’s population would reach 13,000 by 2020 and 20,800 by 2030. The wastewater pipe went online in 2011. Planners (emphasis is mine) expected revenue from 840 new hookups by now. There have been 178.”

– and –

“Even assuming growth ratchets up slightly, a consultant projected that Elko New Market’s debt to the Met Council could swell to $10.7 million and tank the city’s credit rating. A proposal expected to reach the Met Council this spring caps the debt, while still paying the Met Council for development that does occur. It would also freeze a rising hookup surcharge in the future. The council estimates the proposal amounts to an extra 43 cents a year until 2030 for each of the region’s ratepayers.”

The story also references “large wastewater pipes, known as interceptors”.

It’s safe to assume that the engineers who planned these projects have been paid in full.

East Bethel draws engineering expertise from Hakanson Anderson.
Elko New Market draws engineering expertise from Bolton & Menk.

Of course, nothing like this will happen in Jordan. Our growth will continue unimpeded. There will be no more recessions. Bass Pro Shops will open a store in town. There’ll be a hotel. The County Fairgrounds will move, and the site will be free of any toxic clean-up issues (in spite of the tank cars that I’m told were buried to form a septic system). Five hundred new homes will be built. It’s a good thing this will all happen, too. Unlike Elko New Market and East Bethel, we won’t have the Metropolitan Council to fall back on.

The sky (not your wallet) is the limit.

The link to the STRIB article is here:

The Quote:
“All I know is just what I read in the papers, and that’s an alibi for my ignorance.”
           Will Rogers

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