Trump Card

Trump Card


Some people seem to think the point of the Green Party one-eyed-trumpand Democrats pushing for a recount in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania is to overturn the results of the election in those states. In my opinion, folks who believe that are naïve.

What’s really happening, I think, is that the Dems and the Greens, working together, hope to simply delay the final canvass of results in those states. If the results are delayed long enough, the electoral votes of those states will be invalidated. That makes the electoral vote much closer. Then just a small group of electors could decide the election by refusing to vote for Trump. Electors are obliged to vote for him only by custom. There’s no law saying they MUST vote for him. There’s (as far as I know) no law saying they have to vote at all.

Subtract 46 electoral college votes from Trump’s total, and he still wins. But then if only 33 electors reluctantly committed to Trump simply don’t vote – oopsie! At least one Texas elector has already resigned because the feels he can’t vote for Trump for religious (?) reasons. He stepped aside so someone else can take his place.

Believe me, there’s something going on, and it’s ‘uge.
Electors are chosen from all political parties. Remember, those same electors would have theoretically committed to Hillary Clinton if she had won. The Green/Dem political machines know who among the Democratic electors don’t support Trump, and I bet they know which Republican electors are on the fence about him. So they’re gaming the system in truly Trumpian fashion.

But regardless of the outcome of the recounts and electoral college vote, there’s another component to the Green/Dem strategy.


I think the Green/Dems are trying to destabilize Donald Trump – not a difficult task, in my opinion. And he’s playing right into their hands. Every time he tweets an unsupported claim about millions of fraudulent votes he hurts his credibility at home and abroad. Every 3 A.M. inane tweet undermines his image as a stable leader who can be depended on in a crisis. Which world leader would want to confide in Donald Trump and face the very real possibility of sensitive information turning up on a wee-hours tweet for the whole world to see?

On the plus side, at least he’s using a cell phone, and not a private e-mail server. (No, I don’t like her either.)

If the President-elect continues to exhibit his almost childlike inability to keep from blurting things out on Twitter, he (and we with him) will be marginalized on a global scale. The guess here is, if that happens the Green/Dems probably figure at minimum they can get Howdy Doody elected in 2020. And maybe, just maybe Trump’ll go off the rails before then.

Were Bill Shakespeare still alive, he’d be having a field day with this election.

The Quote:
“I’m the Ernest Hemingway of 140 characters.”
           Donald Trump

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