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God Doesn’t Need Us To Do His Dirty Work.  08/21/14 Updated 10:14 PM

Practicing Christians, Muslim, and Jews all profess to believe God sent a mighty flood to destroy all but a select few during Noah’s time.  They also believe God rained fire and brimstone on Sodom and Gomorrah.  They believe in seven plagues sent by God to beset Pharaoh.  Those stories are in every version of the bible, in the koran, and in the torah.

People who think God needs them to do his dirty work, by killing “infidels” have a very inflated view of themselves, and a very sparse understanding of what “almighty” means.

No, God doesn’t need us to do his dirty work.  He needs us to do his good work.  If we do that, God will take care of the rest.

Nothing Earthshaking Happened At the Council Meeting
One resident was upset that there was no Fire Department presence during
National Night Out block parties.  She closed her statement by saying “. . . now you want our support for your steak dinner? … NOT HAPPENING!”

Chief Kochlin explained it happened because too few firefighters volunteered to crew the engine.  The resident didn’t look especially happy with the information.

The Council approved hiring two new fire fighters to fill two vacancies.  All ayes.

Wolf Motors filed for conditional use permits necessary for a significant expansion.  All ayes.

The School District filed for a phase one site plan review for their new addition.  All ayes.

The Council tabled a bluffs stabilization study for now.

The Council decided to spend up to $34,000.00 for an official mapping of the 282/169/CR9 Interchange area.  In my opinion, this is a waste of money, since MnDOT is not bound by the map (though almost everyone  else seemed to think the map would tie MnDOT’s hands).  Councilor Goebel offered the opinion that we could have the same effect, for far less money by simply re-zoning the area.  5:2, Boncher and Goebel opposed.

Before I continue the meeting summary I would like to point out that Wolf Motors, by expanding their operation will have done more to control development in the interchange area than anything the City or MnDOT has done in the past ten years.

Back to business.

Timberline streets will be seal coated this fall.  The cost is a bit over $50,000.00.  Seven companies were asked to bid on the project, and only one chose to do so.  All ayes.

We bought a tractor for Public Works.  Total cost after trade-ins is $14,700.00.  All ayes.

The Council approved a purchase agreement for the Wolf Cabinet Shop building and slab.  $58,000.00.  Staff said there’s plenty of fund balance in either capital funds, or HRA redevelopment funds for the purchase. 

The Council (most of ‘em, anyway) voted to authorize the Mayor and the Acting City Administrator to bind the City to a revised Joint Powers Agreement.  This was originally a consent agenda item, which I asked be voted separately.  5:2, Boncher and Will opposed.

We really have no clue what we’re actually getting for the extra money, and there was no discussion of the issue at Council.  “Railroaded” was the word Councilor Will used.

Welcome to Jordan, Jeff.

There is a meeting Wednesday (8/20/14) at Carasim to review plans for Downtown.  Though the event is not publicized on the City web site, or via the email information list, it is open to the public.  It officially runs from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.  I’ll try to be at Carasim early, to talk to anyone who wants to bend my ear.

Council Member Thill sounds willing to challenge MnDOT over placing stop signs at 282 and Creek Lane.  He more or less said, let’s just do it and see how they respond.  While I admire the sentiment, I’m not sure we want to risk being hit with fines or misdemeanor charges – partly because I believe the fines would be based not on a single violation, but on each day the violation takes place.  In other words, I think if the signs were put up for two weeks, we would be hit with not one, but fourteen violations.  Staff will investigate, and get back to us.

Now, if you’ve been paying attention, you will not that most of the votes were unanimous.  And in instances when the votes were not unanimous, opponents were not uniform (except for me). 

On The Campaign Trail

My campaign web site is up at www.boncherforcouncil.com.  I will be updating the site regularly.

During the course of my campaign, I expect a lot of erroneous, possibly malicious "false facts" will be spread about me.  I stand by my record.

Today’s West Metro section of the STRIB contained an interesting story about our efforts to revitalize Downtown Jordan.  You’ll find the full article here:

The story is interesting, maybe a little incomplete, and generally accurate.  One quote caught my eye.  One business owner said “. . . while there are plenty of antique shops around, other businesses are notably missing: a family restaurant, a dry cleaner, an ice cream shop, maybe a place to buy a birthday present.

“You know, like those cute little things that families do together in small towns?” she said.”


Carasim sells ice cream cones – eight flavors, I believe.  Waffle or cake cones.  They’ll even slice up a banana, drop in a couple of scoops of ice cream, and cover the whole shebang with chocolate syrup.  They offer soups, sandwiches and pie.  They have board games kids (and adults) can play.  Do your kids (of any age) like Rice Crispy treats?  Or maybe chocolate chip cookies?

Oh, and they have toys for small children – nice birthday gifts.

Not your speed?  Empire Wok is just across the street.  My family eats there.  The food is good, and it’s faster than McDonald’s.  It’s buffet-style, or from the menu.  The Teriyaki Chicken is to die for.

Still not what you’re looking for?  How about a basic small town restaurant that offers breakfast all day, plus a traditional menu of things like pork chops, burgers, and BLTs?  Nice view of the creek and the ball park.  Families welcome, and often seen dining there.  Sound nice?  That’s Feed Mill Restaurant

Unusual gifts?  That’d be 225 Water Street, which, sadly, is closed due to lack of business.

Dry cleaner?  Nope.  None downtown.  But then, do we really need more benzene fumes in our inversion-prone air.  I believe Radermacher’s handles what little dry cleaning business there is. 

My point?  Maybe if people were a little more aware of what we already have, and were a little more willing to support it, Downtown Jordan would be more vital.  Those “. . .cute little things that families do together in small towns. . .” are available in Jordan IF you take the time to look for them.

A Reader Comments
Thom thanks so very much for all of your efforts to continue to make Jordan a better place.  Interesting addition to the Jug, comments from a downtown business owner.  Many years ago when I myself had a small business in downtown I suggested to business owners that we periodically had a shop hop of sorts.  My main objective was the reasons that you stated.  It is bad enough that the town in general does not know what is already operating in the historic district.  Most of the business owners that work there every day do not know what is there.  Sad very Sad.  

Then there was Jeff Will statement in the Trib yesterday.  Who would buy a tilting  100 year old brick building for $150,000.00 when they could build a new building for that.  What world is he living in?  I guess if you were going to replace what is currently there with a bunch of pole barns...
Cindy Nevins

The Quote
Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.
          Mark Twain

City Council Meeting, TUESDAY, September 2nd, 6:30 PM, at Joredan City Hall

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